Frequently Asked Questions

Should I hire a professional makeup artist for my wedding day?

When it comes to your wedding day, it is of the utmost importance to hire a professional. Professional makeup artists will ensure that your makeup will not only last throughout the whole day, but photograph beautifully as well. A professionally trained artist knows the importance of this day and will make sure that you look your absolute best in person and on photographs.

What brands of makeup do you use?

All products that I use are professional brands, which are designed for long-lasting results. I have a high-definition glamor makeup set that is predominetly used for tv and photo shoots. I purchase my products directly though professional retailers. Please contact me if you would like more information and specific details regarding brands carried.

Do you provide on site bridal services?

Yes i do! Almost always. I can come to your home, hotel, where ever you are most comfortable, and is most convenient for you and your bridal party. You want a stressful free morning to run smoothly and on time. for big bridal parties I work with team Euphoria! Extremely passionate and talented ladies! Book with us at

Where are you located?

I am located in Lockport, IL. Most commonly I travel on site to you, for the convenience of an on site bridal business.

Can I schedule a private makeup lesson?

Nothing beats personal attention! you're more likely to actaully learn how to apply makeup if youre the one doing the work. Scheduling a one on one consultation with a makeup artist means you will recieve undiveded attention from a professional. I use the 'half-face" technique ive learned from working at burberry, downtown Chicago. Hence, I apply makeup to half of your face, while you watch the process in a mirror i will be explaining step by step what i am teaching. Now its your turn with my guidance and reassurance. Hands on tutorials are the greatest way to learn new techniques, and improve your own. While learning your true undertones and what colors were made for you!