Most Common Beauty Errors

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

What Brides should be Aware of BEFORE a Makeup Mishap

Know what to Avoid

Preparation is vital for a bride to establish a seamless beauty routine. Creating an individualized routine that suits her personal needs is an integral component in preparing for the wedding day. Way too often, brides share their horror stories about waiting until the last minute to make decisions. Overlooking even the smallest plans have led to big anxieties for the multitude of women confronted with incomplete looks that didn't compliment their beautiful dresses and meticulously chosen hairstyles.

Instead of only reading about what you should do, it is important that you also learn what you should avoid doing:

Brides want to look their best for their nuptials, which is why it is important to learn about what to avoid doing, rather than only researching tips about what you should do. What it comes down to is that everyone is different. There is beauty in diversity because we can learn from one another through our experiences. Luckily, brides are able to hear all sides of the story... the good, the bad, and the ugly. The following are some examples of major beauty mishaps brides can make.

Bridal Beauty Bummers:

  • Experimenting with a new look right before the wedding. Many brides regret veering from their usual looks and urge future brides to stay true to themselves.

  • Focusing too much on what’s trendy instead of what highlights your best features. If you absolutely love a trend, make sure to take the time to work with a pro.

  • Not doing a makeup trial. Or, not being prepared for a makeup trial. Do some research beforehand and bring photos of looks you think would work for you.

  • Choosing to apply the same makeup as your bridesmaids. Make sure to stand out!

  • Not scheduling enough time for both your makeup artist and hairstylist. This will ensure a rushed process and poor results.

  • Forgetting to allergy test new skincare products. Don't take a chance on a new product because you can never be too sure about how your body will react to it.

  • Not moisturizing consistently. Your complexion can appear dull and flaky (especially if it's cold outside). Flawless makeup needs moisture!

  • Altering your skincare routine close to your wedding day. Instead, revamp your routine a few months ahead to avoid any adverse reactions.

  • Ignoring body makeup completely. Or, not blending body makeup effectively. Double check areas like your neck, then snap some photos to be extra cautious.

  • Neglecting to use waterproof makeup. Or, not applying a setting spray. You will want to keep tears and sweat from botching your look.

  • Picking at your blemishes. FACT: It is more difficult to cover up scabs.

  • Over tanning during the weeks prior to the big day. You will be happy you didn't overdo it when you look back on your wedding photos.

  • Waxing for the first time right before the wedding. Not only can this lead to potential discomfort, but it can also cause unsightly bumps and rashes.

  • Not packing an emergency touch-up kit. You never know what external variables might disrupt your flawless face.

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